Why wait at blocked railroad crossings?

Introducing LinqThingz's solution to avoid blocked railroad crossings!

saving lives, property and time


What We Do

For First Response

Adding 8 minute wait times to ambulance ride can cut the survival rate of heart attack victims in half!

For Logistics

Logistics companies spend $13B a year in delay costs due to blocked rail crossings!

For the Community

The community spends 100,000,000 hours a year waiting at rail crossings and end up late for school, work and events in their lives!

Facts about Railroad Congestion

250,000 at-grade crossings in the US

6000 vehicles cross railroad tracks per second

8 minute typical wait times

150,000,000 million hours spent waiting per year

LinqThing Smart Cities and Mobility Solutions

Emergency Vehicles Can't Afford to Wait!

Ambulance delay can reduce survival from heart attack by 50%  

How LinqThingz Helps


Logistics Companies Can't Afford to Wait!

Logistics companies are loosing $13B/yr waiting for trains  

How LinqThingz Helps


LinqThingz mobile application will help you avoid delays!

LinqThing Smart Cities and Mobility Solutions -

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