Trainable Sensor Network Aides in Back to Office, Back to Work and Back to School!

The pandemic has changed the normal process of getting to school and to work.  Our Enterprise Temperature Screening System provides fast results designed to accommodate high throughput requirements of large Offices, Work Sites, Schools, Entertainment Venues and Transportation Hubs.

Our Trainable Sensor System simultaneously scans ID cards and threats like elevated body temperature without additional waiting or process steps.

Our cloud-based system offers true real-time visualization and monitoring from all entrances in a single facility or multiple facilities in a distributed enterprise.

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Trainable Sensor Network Aides in Preventing Ambulance Delays at Rail Crossings

First responders need to get to patients in under 4 minutes. Unforeseen delays like a freight train blocking a crossing could mean the difference between life and death.

LinqThingz Predictive Mobility solutions provide Future As a Service and combine Accurate Sensor data along with Artificial Intelligence to predict events up to 4 minutes in the future.

Trainable Sensor Network Aides in Solving one of the Top Five Problems in Maintaining Composite Aircraft

Today’s composite aircraft offer performance that far exceeds their aluminum skin predecessors. However, these new construction technique have their challenges. Making composite repairs of simple components can ground aircraft for days.

LinqThingz Rapid Cure System combines arrays of accurate sensors with Artificial Intelligence to very precisely track and control temperatures that can reduce cure times by 90%.