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Presentation: Should I IoT?

Kurt Brandt from LinqThingz Speaking at This Months Milwaukee IoT Meetup! Should I IoT? Thursday, Jun 14, 2018, 3:45 PM Northwestern Mutual Tower & Commons805 E Mason Street Milwaukee, WI 59 Innovators Attending Most IoT projects start out with an amazing idea. Creative sparks fly. Industries will be changed! Modern life will never be the same! Then, thinking through some of the details, reality begins to set in. You start to ask some important questions

Presentation: Add Value to the Supply Chain with IoT

Supply Chain Management Peer Group Meeting Digital Transformation of the Supply Chain May 08, 2018 organized by: UW E-Business Consortium presented with Marc Blazich and our friends at: Centare Add Value to the Supply Chain with IoT This presentation reviews several applications that we have been involved with from the beginning of the supply chain, in the middle of the supply chain, and at the end of the supply chain and in different industries. I