September 30, 2018



BOMLinq is a next-generation Assembly Automation (AA) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution.   BOMLinq has an array of sensors combined with embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) that learns about the products and connects to cloud-based services such as ChainLinq (distributed ledger) to add greater visibility, efficiency and innovation to transform your supply chain.

BOMLinq users can gain speed, order accuracy and cost efficiency to their part picking and assembly processes, full project ROI is often achieved quickly. Some of these benefits include:

  • 30-50% increases in Pick rate Productivity
  • 99.9+% accuracy rates
  • Shorter Order Cycle Times
  • Increased Throughput
  • Reduced Employee Training Time
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Lower operational costs through reduced labor, errors, rework or chargebacks
  • Predictable Picking Process
  • Reduced Costs through the elimination of paper picking lists
  • An intelligent pick process with visibility into daily performance

Drive Workflow … Follow the lights!

Managing productivity and training can be challenging for complex and high mix assembly processes like computer and electronics assembly.   BOMLinq can drive workflow dynamically enabling single-SKU builds without change over.   The lights over the bin illuminate when a part needs to be picked.  Sensors detect the pick and move the process to the next step.  Lights confirm that the correct part has been picked and indicated when an incorrect choice has been made.

Link to Work Instructions

BOMlinq features out of the box cloud-based applications to automate high-mix assembly operations.   Work instructions for single and high mix products can be easily linked to picking workflow to indicate the part to be picked by the operator and confirm the correct part has been picked.

Real-time Supply Chain Visibility – ChainLinq

All activity with the BOMLinq indicators and sensing workflow can be persisted or integrated to ChainLinq.  ChainLinq is a secure ledger of supply chain activity.   When OEMs and their suppliers link together with ChainLinq they have a secured, validated, real-time connectivity to their supply chain materials.

This enables real-time inventory management.  The need for manual maintenance and forensic reporting are over.   Inventory, consumption velocity, step-to-step and run-to-run picking statistics are available in real time.   These metric can be tied to real time alerts like text messages, text-to-speech and smart speaker devices such as Amazon Alexa.

Shop floor alerts can be tied directly to LinqThingz cloud-connected light and audio indicators such as AndonLinq

Create your own GUI

The LinqThingz Client API is pure JavaScript.  Build your own UI/UX with modern development tools.

Create your own back-end application

LinqThingz is a server-less API environment.  Build your own enterprise applications that drive BOMLinq workflows, or capture BOMLinq streams and persisted data using a plethora of public cloud tools.

Run your application at the Edge, Privately or integrated with Machines using the PCC.

Our Programmable Cloud Controller (PCC) is the next generation industrial controller.  It replaces the usage of the PLC and PC with a single device with both real-time machine control and the power to run AI and synchronize  with High Performance Cloud Computing and Enterprise resources.  It can be run alone as the basis of an Local Private Cloud.  It provide maximum value with used along with ChainLinq for tracking workflow and materials throughout the supply chain.

Trainable Edge Technology

BOMLinq is built on LinqThingz Trainable Edge.   Trainable Edge technology was built upon a patent first filed in 2005 by Brandt Innovative Technologies and still the top 3 results in Google search of “Trainable Sensor and Network”.  Trainable Sensor Network Technology utilizes multiple sensors along with Artificial Intelligence  (AI) capabilities including Recognition and Deep Learning :

This AI capability allows our products to recognize targets with a much higher degree of accuracy and eliminating interference.  Single mode sensors such as camera systems cannot provide this level of sensitivity, selectivity and disambiguation.

LinqThingz Trainable Edge is part of a complete IoT ecosystem that allows devices to work autonomously or connected to power cloud based computational and storage capacity.  TrainableEdge is way more than the typical IoT device that sends bits of data to a database.  The TrainableEdge is a complete closed loop solution to many real-world problems.  Features include:

  • Heterogeneous sensor drivers to simultaneous coordinate and collect data from a plethora of sensors on he Trainable Sensor Network (TSN) modules.
  • Multivariate Proportional Derivative Control (PID).  PID is the quintessence of closed loop industrial control…typically from a statically defined single sensor…
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine.  Our PID loop receives data from multiple sensors after being processed by our AI engine giving the about for our closed loop control react to the environment, improve over time and to leverage to power of deep learning insights


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