CityLinq for Train Crossing

Don’t Get Blocked at Rail Crossings!

Rail safety is essential for everyone – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, buses and truck drivers. There are more than 250,000 crossings throughout the US.

Why is this a problem now?  First, the number of high road miles is about constant but the amount of traffic on the roads is increasing as the population grows.

Second, The miles of railroad track is decreasing while the amount of freight increases as the population grows.

The result is an increasing problem of vehicles, including emergency vehicles, that get blocked at rail crossings.

How does LinqThingz solve the problem?

LinqThingz trainable sensor technology uses a heterogeneous sensor array coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to differentiate trains from other objects and understand their position, speed and length.  The technology is a proprietary system based on the founders’ 2005 patent filing

Location-based services are used to identify the position speed and direction of vehicles en-route and LinqThingz distributed AI, cloud-based infrastructure is used to determine crossings expected to be blocked and identify alternate routes.

LinqThingz application provides notification and real-time guidance to users in order to avoid intersections that are going to be blocked.

The expected result is that:

  • Emergency Vehicles can improve their response time and thus increase the survival of their patients.
  • Logistic carriers can decrease delay time and fuel costs saving billions of dollars across the industry.
  • Community members can reach their destinations on time reducing tardiness as school, eliminating unplanned delays at reaching work/meetings, and eliminated delays on the way to important community visits or events.

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