Programmable Cloud Controller (PCC)

Industry is getting smarter!  Is your company keeping up with digital transformation?

The Programmable Cloud ControllerTM (PCCTM) is the next generation solution to enable digital transformation of company products and production.

Programmable Cloud ControllerTM (PCCTM)

10 years of development has gone into a product that the largest electronics manufacturer has called “Disruptive” and the largest cloud provider has labeled the “Next Generation” in industrial controllers. The PCC combines the strengths and eliminates the weaknesses of traditional PLC and PC controllers. The PCC enables key objectives of Industry 4.0 initiatives for connectivity, machine learning and cloud connectivity in industrial, smart city and healthcare equipment.

Disruptive Features

An industrial grade alternative to a Raspberry Pi!

The PCC has been designed, built and tested using industrial components and best practices.  The PCC can be used in industrial environments for real automation projects.

A machine ready alternative to a Soft PLC!

The PCC is a heterogeneous processing system which means the cores of its processors are separated into dedicated to hard real-time machine processing and into OS cores that use LinqThingz custom Linux distribution for HMI, AI, Security and Cloud Connectivity.  The PCC is not subject to the same latency and security issues of implementing windows or raspberry pi type software-based logic controllers.

A solution with hard security separation!

The PCC separates the function of Industrial Communication and Network communication across the heterogeneous processing environment.   There is no OS link between the IT network and the OT network virtually eliminating the possibility of standard cyber threats.



Bolt a PCC on to PLC to provide secure remote data and control

BOLT ON for Instant Success

1) BOLT ON our PCC/PLC products to an existing PLC  or Robotic System

2) Instantly have access to secure cloud data/compute from legacy machines

3) Automate machine and human workflows with AI-driven insights

4) Track and monetize workflow and materials with distributed ledgers

BOLT ON our PCC to give legacy machines IIoT

Replace a PLC on your automation project




Use as a gateway to IoT and Legacy Industrial Devices



Create a next generation VMI work cell



Track tools in a next generation work cell


Automate workflow in a next generation work cell




Connect to an IoT motor controller



Use as a security interface to legacy automation equipment


Connect and manage MQTT Ethernet enabled devices


Connect and manage MODBUS Ethernet enabled devices


Incorporate PCC in a product


Industrial Features (OT)

Digital Inputs

24 VDC opto-isolated DC inputs

Digital Outputs

24 VD-rated relay contacts

Analog Inputs

up to 24 Channels of 12-bit, 1MS/s, isolated, buffered,  A/D inputs

Industrial Ethernet

10/100 Industrial Ethernet is provided along with built-in support for MODBUS TCP, MTConnect,  Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, ProfiNET, BacNet, Sercos and ASCII communication.

Serial Communication

RS232 communication is provided with built-in support for MODBUS RTU.

Controller Area Network (CAN)

Core CAN functionality is provided with the ability to add industry standard industrial and automotive protocols.

Hard Logic Controller

Multi-core hard real-time processor for deterministic, low-latency and high resiliency machine control


I/O configuration Tool

Ladder Logic Editor

Distributed Automation Intelligence Language (DIAL)

Enterprise Features (IT)

IT processor

1 GHz ARM A8 processor

AI accelerator

110MHz GPU-based Neural Network Accelerator


512 GB RAM


4 GB ECC flash

16 GB SD flash


100 Bps Ethernet

IoT Mud Certificate Enabled


AES, SHA, PNG encryption accelerators

Automated Firewall