• We’re helping people get back to work with temperature screening!
  • We’ve helped care givers with face shields!
  • We’re helping a changing world with Predictive Mobility!

Getting back to work safely!

We are providing a back-to-work, elevated-body-temperature solution designed for the enterprise customer! Companies and government organizations have definite challenges bringing back tens of thousands of employees to their corporate offices safely and without legal exposure. Under recent Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) and CDC guidance, the COVID-19 pandemic creates a sufficient risk to permit widespread testing based on the direct threat standard. Companies such as Walmart and Amazon are screening employees with hand held imaging equipment and companies such as Menard are planning to screen customers. Our solution eliminates the social interaction required by handheld scanners and the manual effort and complexity required by imaging systems. LinqThingz patent-pending solution has been built from on our existing technology portfolio to provide rapid time to market. The system parameters used in these device are based on peer-reviewed research that demonstrated 97% accuracy in differentiating normal from febrile participants.

Ready to Deliver!

Our trainable sensor hardware, software and cloud infrastructure is ready to be implemented for automated febrile measurement at outdoor/indoor entrances or as stand-along kiosks using our telemedicine stands. We have features aligned with the success required for demanding corporate customers.

  • Automated (no hand scanners that risk exposure and require human operator)
  • Easy to Implement (no cameras, tripods, computers and clunky PC software)
  • Mindful of Privacy(no public alarms, blinking lights, buzzers or data)
  • Cloud Integration (connect your global organization through the same system)
  • SaaS (pay for what you use and benefit from continual improvements)
  • Complete (all hardware and software is completely integrated with nothing to assemble)
  • Differentiated Tech (patent trail dating to back to 2005)
  • Reporting/Analytics (built in basics for managing compliance and documentation)
  • API for enterprise integration (make it work within your existing security and process flow)

Please reach out if you see febrile detection as part of your back-to-work strategy. Patent Pending.

Delivered to Health Heroes!

We’re problem solvers, we’re innovators, we’re action takers!  We saw a need, created a design, enlisted a supply chain and delivered pallet loads of face shields to healthcare heroes in need!  We are grateful for the opportunity to help and thankful for the great feedback!

from Colorado …”Thank you very much for seeing the need and diving in.”

from Wisconsin …”I wanted to follow up and express by deep felt thanks again for allowing me to place an order of face shields…”

The work on Predictive Mobility Continues!

How we move to and in our jobs, restaurants, stores, churches and entertainment has changed. The importance or secure, reliable, efficient and predictable supply chains has been made clear.  Our world needs a new way to move people and products with high accuracy and future insight.  Our world needs Predictive Mobility.  We continue to develop and test our Predictive Mobility solutions to help first responders avoid blocked crossings and to help ease the madness of finding parking for drive up orders.