September 30, 2018

Smart Cities with IoT and AI

Smarter Cities with IoT and AI

Our Trainable Edge and Programmable Cloud Controller technology applied to smart cities creates a new paradigm in city management.   The heterogeneous sensing and deep learning neural networks allow for multi-modal identification with sensitivity and selectivity not achievable with camera assets.   People, Bicycles, Cars, Trucks, Trains can be trained into this unique system.   Your LinqThingz CityLinq system with Trainable Edge technology is future proof and can be used for applications only limited by your imagination. Our server less IoT architecture facilitates high performance and low cost and rapid development of high value applications.

Don’t Get Blocked at Rail Crossings

Rail safety is essential for everyone – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, buses and truck drivers. There are more than 4,500 railroad public crossings and 3,300 miles of active train tracks in the state of Wisconsin and more than 250,000 crossings throughout the US.

Railroad crossings provide three new challenges for cities:

  1. Locomotives can block streets creating critical delays for emergency personnel in active duty
  2. GPS mapping programs have directed users onto live tracks resulting in fatalities
  3. Train information is not available on users’ smart phones

The LinqThingz solution is an IoT connected train sensor and smart phone application. The Trainable Sensor utilizes a heterogeneous array of sensors combined with machine learning to identify when a train is blocking an intersection.  The multiple sensors and machine learning provide the following differentiating capabilities

  • The ability to give correct answers despite many different weather conditions experienced in places like Wisconsin (wind, rain, sleet, snow, dust, hot, cold, sun, dark, etc.)
  • The ability to differentiate the target object from many other interfering objects (Train from person, rabbit, leaf, ice, etc.)
  • The ability to modify and improve capabilities over time (Detect trains now, detect bicycles in the future)

Train Block Emergency Vehicles in Chicago

When Seconds Mater!

The features guarantee that First Response  Personnel and Dispatch will get the most accurate information available.

The TrainLinq System provides users a simple easy-to-understand interface.  The mobile application centers the map on your present location and identifies all crossings within a selected radius.  The display illustrates if the crossing is clear, when it is going to be blocked and when it is going to be clear.

Automated mapping systems contain a wealth of information but suffer in that they a missing information about one of the most critical transportation systems in the world.  Rail are a key to commerce and we interact with train traffic on a daily basis.   TrainLinq is the first and unique system to address real problems that occur when they meet with our new digital world.   The effects of trains are real:

  • Every three hours a person or vehicle is hit by a train in the United States.
  • As a motorist, you are 40 times more likely to die in a crash with a train than other motor vehicle.
  • There are 21 Instances of GPS Leading Drivers onto Active Train Tracks in first 4 Months Of 2018
  •  In 2016, two Wisconsinites were killed and 15 others were injured in 46 railroad crossing crashes.
  •  In addition, 1 person died and three others were injured while trespassing on railroad tracks.
  •  In 2015, 200 fatalities at rail crossings in the US
  •  In 2016, smart phone application directed a driver onto live tracks causing a derailment and killing an engineer
  •  Collisions between cars and trains at crossings have risen 16% over the past five years:

TrainLinq is the first and most advanced system to address the issues regarding railway traffic and digital mapping systems.  I can provide a real solution for first response personnel with seconds mater.  The technology solves the problem with trains now and problems limited only by your imagination in the future.

Trainable Sensor Network Technology

Trainable Edge technology was built upon a patent first filed in 2005 by Brandt Innovative Technologies and still the top 3 results in Google search of “Trainable Sensor and Network”.  Trainable Edge Technology utilizes multiple sensors along with Artificial Intelligence  (AI) capabilities including Recognition and Deep Learning :

This AI capability allows our products to recognize targets with a much higher degree of accuracy and eliminating interference.  Single mode sensors such as camera systems cannot provide this level of sensitivity, selectivity and disambiguation.

LinqThingz Trainable Edge is part of a complete IoT ecosystem that allows devices to work autonomously or connected to power cloud based computational and storage capacity.  TrainableEdge is way more than the typical IoT device that sends bits of data to a database.  The TrainableEdge is a complete closed loop solution to many real-world problems.  Features include:

  • Heterogeneous sensor drivers to simultaneous coordinate and collect data from a plethora of sensors on he TrainableEdge modules.
  • Multivariate Proportional Derivative Control (PID).  PID is the quintessence of closed loop industrial control…typically from a statically defined single sensor…
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine.  Our PID loop receives data from multiple sensors after being processed by our AI engine giving the about for our closed loop control react to the environment, improve over time and to leverage to power of deep learning insights

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